Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to the New Speculative Fiction of Colorado

Exciting, ain't it? I started this website about 7 1/2 years ago. Click here to read the post about the beginning of this site. The site changed some over the years, but nothing too drastic. Just a simple HTML site created first in FrontPage and then Dreamweaver. But that's mostly behind me now because I've joined the Age of Blogs.

My hope is to create a more interactive experience as all y'all leave comments and discuss things amongst yourselves, provide a cleaner-n-leaner site, and ultimately provide you with a fantastic web experience as you ... ah, who am I kidding? I got sick (and tired) of updating in HTML and ftp-ing pages to the website. What a pain. Using a blog site (, thanks Google!) to do all that for me (after a bit of template tweaking on my part) makes this process quite a bit easier.

But despite my motives being suspect, I do hope you enjoy the new site. Let me know if you have any suggestions (click the Comments link below). For instance, do we want a page of links to the blogs of writers? Seems like a good idea, but so did jumping out of a tree with a sheet as a parachute once upon a time.

Take care.

January 3, 2008 (already? what happened to Y2K?)


Stace Johnson said...

Hi Gary,

Congratulations on the site redesign. I like how the changes are subtle in design, yet significant in content.

If you do plan on making a list of links to blogs by Colorado authors, be sure to include Melanie and Steve Rasnic Tem. I just finished setting up their site for blogging a couple of weeks ago, and their blog entries can be seen here. (Now with RSS goodness!)

Gary Piserchio said...

Thanks, Stace, I appreciate your kind words. Not sure about the blog links yet, but I'll certainly post their blogs as a news item.

And your comment (being the first one!) helped me out. There's a setting for "Comment Moderation" (which, sadly, has nothing to do with commenting and drinking) that I turned on. I didn't know what affect that would have and it turns out it meant that the comments don't post immediately to the blog and I have to okay them first. Don't like that so I've turned it off.

Thanks again!

J Erwine said...

I like the new design. It would be nice if we could subscribe to the RSS feed.

Gary Piserchio said...

Thanks J. And, uh, hmmm, I thought I had the RSS feed set up. I'll look into that ... stupid computer.