Monday, January 14, 2008

Crossword Puzzles!! SF-Colorado Now Offering Crossword Puzzles

I've started creating speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror) crossword puzzles. Click here to try the very first one, which is titled "Of the Federation." You can also click here or click the Crossword link in the menu bar above to see all of our crossword puzzles.

WARNING. The "Clear ALL" button is awfully close to the "Check Answer" button. There is NO undo, so if you accidentally click "Clear ALL" ... well, you're screwed. Sorry. I couldn't see a way to alter the button locations without delving into javascript. I'm not a programmer, but I might try playing with it later on. We'll see. Just be careful. 'Kay? There is also no "Save" button as of yet. I might be able to add one at a later date, but I'm not sure about that right now.

HOW IT WORKS. Click inside the puzzle to begin. Press the ENTER key to move from word to word. Click the yellow square to change between "across" and "down." Click on the clues (on the right-hand side of the puzzle) to go to that word in the puzzle. I've provided a rundown of the buttons farther on in this post.

LEAVE COMMENTS. Heh. I'm a little leery of posting these crossword puzzles so PLEASE leave comments on this post if you like it, don't like it, the puzzle didn't work, it was too easy, it was too hard, or it was just right for Baby Bear. It's presented through Java, so you have to have your browser java-enabled. The program I use to create them is called Crossword-Compiler. It's a really cool program.

AND ANOTHER THING. And please note, I'm not a professional builder of crosswords. I've tried to stick to normal American crossword conventions, but since I don't actually know what all of the conventions are, I'm sure I broke the rules in places. But each puzzle will have a theme (implied (or is it inferred?) in the title) with theme words; I think a minimum of three theme words, but as soon as I say that, I'll have a puzzle with only two. So far they've been three and four theme words. This puzzle has four.

THE BUTTONS. Here's a rundown of what the buttons do:
  • Clear ALL. Clears the entire puzzle. NO UNDO!!
  • Check Answer. Checks all the letters you've entered on the entire puzzle and REMOVES the incorrect ones. It removes letters, not words.
  • Reveal Letter. Reveals the letter that the yellow square (cursor) is on.
  • Reveal Word. Reveals the word the yellow square (cursor) is in.
  • Reveal Puzzle. Shows you the entire solution.
  • View in PDF for printing. Okay, not a button, but it displays a blank PDF version of the puzzle that you can print out and fill out in pen (or pencil).
I guess that's it.


Oh, and P.S.

The plan right now is to put up a new puzzle each week. Probably over the weekend. I should probably be a little more specific, but I'm wingin' it here, people.

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