Saturday, June 10, 2000

Speculative Fiction of Colorado - The Beginning

Speculative Fiction of Colorado supports the science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror writing scene in Colorado.

I didn't keep records of when I started this website. I think it happened in 2000, and roughly during the spring/summer. Pretty sure it was between jobs as I remember days of just sitting at the computer and hammering out the site in FrongPage. Then I distinctly remember sitting in my cubicle when I contracted with the City and Country of Denver as a tech writer and looking up printers for some bookmarks I was printing up for the upcoming MileHiCon. I also got some t-shirts and post-it notes printed up. I then reserved the Con Suite at MHC for two hours and served peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that I baked myself (store-bought pre-baked cookies NEVER have enough semi-sweet chocolate chips). I gave t-shirts away as prizes and even gave away a nice gift certificate to Amazon to get people to sign up for the mailing list. Of course, I haven't sent out email in, oh, a couple of years now. Such is life.

That's my very hazy recollection of this site's beginnings. I still wear a couple of the t-shirts. And, yes, at some point I'll take them off and maybe even wash them.

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