Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Win Scott Eckert's Pulp Fiction

Win Scott Eckert's short story "The Atomos Affair" is out this month in the Tales of the Shadowmen 4: Lords of Terror anthology from Black Coat Press. With stories from Win, John Shirley, Brian Stableford, and others, this looks like a great anthology to pick up.

But what has me really excited, is that you can pre-order The Avenger Chronicles at Amazon right now. Win's short story "Death and the Countess" is appearing in this anthology, coming out from Moonstone Books in March 2008. Moonstone obviously bought the rights to The Avenger.

Why does this have me excited? I was a fan of The Avenger growing up. I have all of the paperback reprints (including the dozen or so written in the '70s when they ran out of the original magazine from the '40s because it had stopped production, but the series had picked up steam again in the '70s. Confused? Welcome to my world).

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