Saturday, February 23, 2008


Shimmer is a magazine of speculative fiction whose connection to Colorado is via its editor E. Catherine Tobler (the editor-in-chief is Beth Wodzinski from, I believe, Utah for those keeping score at home). The magazine comes out quarterly as both an ezine via a PDF file (at a discounted rate) and a hardcopy magazine. You can purchase it in either format from its website (just click here). The remarkable cover "Penny’s Grave" is by multi-award-winning artist John Picacio. All of the art in this issue is stunning, and as it just so happens, this is their art issue. And so they went about selecting stories in a different manner than usual. As their website says:
For this issue, the art comes first. We selected art, and then invited some Shimmery favorites to write stories inspired by the images.

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