Friday, February 15, 2008

Christopher M. Salas's Debut Novel Gets 2nd Edition

Christopher M. Salas's debut novel Dark Eclipse: Rise of an Era will be re-released as a second edition pretty soon from One Level Higher publishing. Look for his follow-up World Abomination later in 2008.

Here's a blurb about Book I:
Centuries after the first Era of Darkness, the Demonixa reemerge from the ashes of the charred throne of Morgmodeus, their fallen King. Seeking to restore his father's grip of tyranny on the Bytiluna star system, Carnmassiere the second son of Morgmodeus, develops a replica of the doomsday weapon that ended his father's reign; the Eclipse. Now with the Eclipse at his grasp, the light which was restored to the universe is once again threatened.

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